The aim of Life Groups is to create an atmosphere where people share life with one another. Each group is designed to promote a greater love for Jesus by spending time in His Word and prayer; a greater love for each other by spending time with each other in fellowship and accountability; and a greater love for the broader community of Flagstaff by spending time serving the community. These groups are a great place to connect with others in the church and deepen your personal relationship with Jesus.

Life Groups meet once a week, in people’s homes throughout the city on different nights of the week. Each group is committed to spending time in God’s Word and allowing the truth of His Word to direct our lives. Each group is also committed to prayer, and seeking God’s will and direction within their lives. Part of what allows Life Groups to share life with one another, is the commitment to spending time in biblical community with each other and holding one another accountable. Groups also commit to serving with each other to bless the community of Flagstaff.

We want to personally invite you to consider becoming part of a Life Group. This is a great place to connect with others, to strengthen and develop your faith and to do so in a community that will walk with you on that journey. Come and share life with those who desire to do the same.