Sem & Eunice

Sem and Eunice Beasnael

Serving in Chad, Africa

Our activities as Global Outreach Missionary in Chad.

I Sem, was the Director of an Agro Business Graduate school of Agriculture. But due to the overwhelming needs of the church, I stepped down to concentrate myself  in the following 4 points noticed below. I was trained in theology and not in Agriculture. I head that institute because no one was there to fill the position An Agro-Business Engineer replaces me at the head of the Agricuture school. This happened in 2017. Now I work in the following positions :

  • Director of The African Pastoral Training MinistriesAPT, in charge of French Speaking African Pastors. We receive Thompson Bibles from France, through the generosity of Churches, church organizations and beloved individuals, and we launched several workshops in various cities in African countries where we taught Pastors how to use the Thompson Bible for Bible studies, Sermon preparations and Preaching. Thar Bible is a walking library for Pastors who live in far away rural areas. In Kinshasa, it is a drama. When one pastors has a Bible, others go to him and they torn the Bibles book by book and go to use it for preaching or Bible studies.

What we are doing is just a drop of water in the sea. Kindly pray for us so that we receive Bibles for the rural areas in Africa. Brother Chuck Ballard is the President of the APT Ministries in the States.

  • Chairman of the Steering committeeof The Bible School of the Evangelical Church of Chad. Every year, 20 to 25 students graduate from that Bible School. I also taught at that school ; I organize the new year and the end of the academic year every year with my Team of committee members.
  • Co-Pastor of the Evangelical church n° 8of the city of Moundou Chad. Here a senior Pastor works full time. I just come in to help him reaching andhel organize Bible studies. I taught in a single class Bible study on Sundays from 7 :15 to 8h30 a.m.
  • Member of the Systematic Evangelism Committeeof Evangelical church n° 8.

This is a big Evanglism campaign that we organize once a year, targetting some villages which are know, for their practice of witchcraft, or the excessive use of strong beverage. The Evangelization is a big event when the time come to go. It happens on November or December. Of each year. We practice door to door evangelization or one on one contact to chat with the persons involveved. You may wish to see the pictures on our Christmas letter above.

  • EUNICE is a member of the Steering Committee of Women Fellowshipof Chucch n° 8 in Moundou. The Women Fellowship is an organization where women of our church get together to chat with my wife Eunice. The Women Fellowhip is big in size; the leaders of this organization help women to do several things like knitting, sowing and then, she also taught the women.