Our approach is to train local churches on how to best recruit and care for the members of their congregation engaged in the ministry of foster care and adoption.

We utilize best practices in training churches so that they can care for their families with excellence and through Wrap Around Teams offer every member of that congregation a means of caring for the foster or adoptive child.

We also ask church members of participating congregations to go through some additional steps to ensure that they are more fully prepared to receive a child into their home and have the best chance at having a successful placement.

Hope Cottage


Hope Cottage is a Christian facility that provides shelter, meals, clothing, accountable goal planning and productivity for women and children. On a daily basis the residents have Christ-centered classes, chapel services and case management for spiritual growth. They are offered Christian based counseling, Life skills, parenting, and jobs skills to move out of homelessness completely.

We provide a monthly meal to the women and children at Hope Cottage the 4th Saturday. Due to COVID, we are not serving in person, but look forward to the time when it is safe for the residents and volunteers to be together in person.

Hope Cottage and Sunshine Rescue Mission needs mentors to partner with residents in the discipleship program that will be going through the Jobs for Life Program. Jobs for Life offers a unique solution to poverty and joblessness for individuals and the communities they live in across the country. Today, churches and ministries in over 160 cities and 34 states are leading Jobs for Life training classes – providing biblical job training, ongoing assistance and hope to those in their community who struggle to find and keep employment. Jobs for Life provides powerful tools to transform lives as people learn God’s gift of work, find employment, and experience life in Christ.

All you need is a willingness to commit to a journey with a Jobs for Life (JFL) student for a 2 to 6 month period to provide friendship, support, guidance, assistance and a sense of community that will help that student complete the course and overcome employment  barriers. Having a mentor greatly increases the longevity and success of the disciples employment.
To find out more about other opportunities to serve, contact Nevitta Mason @ or 928-600-0601.

Diana’s Story From Hopelessness to Recovery